Britanteros, S. A., was born in 1987, the result of full conviction and commitment of the current shareholders, who once believed and nurtured the idea of forming a society, with the object of “manufacturing and marketing of gravel” and with a social capital of fifty million Escudos.
On November 27 of 1987 has changed the object to “manufacture and marketing of gravel, aggregates and concrete”.
On May 3 of 1989 was made a capital increase which became one hundred and twenty-five million Escudos.
On November 13 of 1990 was made a capital increase which became one hundred and fifty-five million Escudos.
On June 4 of 2001 the share capital increases to 775,000.00 Euros.
The object suffered some changes as new business opportunities, new competitive realities and the market demanded justified. In this line of evolution, the firm new object is “manufacturing and marketing of aggregates and bituminous mixes.”
Given the characteristics of the business, shareholders were faced with the need to make significant investments to equip the company needs. Through these years we saw the replacement and purchase of new equipment, more modern and more capable.